A Few Exercises For Weight Loss

Some folks may think that any kind of exercise will help them lose weight and they’re right to a degree. Losing weight is all about burning more calories, and any type of exercise will do that. However, some exercises are far superior to others when it comes to burning the most calories in the shortest amount of time. As the time most of us have to exercise is usually limited, don’t you want to burn as many calories as you can while you’re in the gym?

If your answer is an enthusiastic “yes”, then you’re reading the right article. I’m going to discuss the types of exercise that give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss. Incorporating them into your routine should allow you to drop fat as fast as humanly possible, assuming your diet is on point.

Sprinting Exercises

Sprinting exercises are not limited to actual sprinting they can be done on a bike, in a pool, or on any type of stationary cardio equipment. In principle, sprinting exercises involve short, all out bursts of effort followed by a short rest period, then with additional bursts.

Running sprints are particularly effective, but swimming and biking sprints are great as well. The short bouts of intense activity get your heart rate up fast, and keep it elevated throughout the session. Your body will also expend a lot of calories recovering from this type of exercise.

Combination Lifts

Combination lifts involve several major muscle groups in one compound movement. As you’re using the maximum amount of muscles to perform each exercise, you’ll be burning 2-3 times as many calories as you would by simply performing on simple exercise at a time. Most combination lifts pair a compound upper body exercise with a compound lower body exercise. The squat press is a good example, and is basically a dumbbell squat followed by an overhead dumbbell press. You can get creative and combine any exercises you wish to make it interesting.

Interval Training

Interval training involves combining alternating periods of low intensity and high intensity activity. You could for example, walk at a moderate pace for one minute, and then sprint for 30 seconds. The great thing about interval training is that you can modify it to be appropriate for your current level of fitness. Beginners can use longer low intensity intervals and shorter sprint periods while more advanced trainees can push themselves with short rest periods and longer sprints.

Cross Training

Cross training is basically performing several different types of exercise throughout the week. You could lift weights on Monday, swim laps on Tuesday, and play beach volleyball on Thursday, for example. What’s great about cross training is that it never gets boring. There are an infinite number of different activities you could partake in from archery to Zumba.

Putting it Together

These exercise styles are all designed to elicit a maximum fat loss response in the body. They can be used individually, or all incorporated into one training plan for the more ambitious trainees among you.

5 reasons why yoga is beneficial for weight loss

Yoga is an ancient spiritual technique that is beneficial to the practitioner. There are various poses, mudras and bandhas that yoga consists of. All these elements working together are beneficial when participating in yoga for weight loss.

1) Mindfulness of eating

Yoga in itself does not burn a lot of calories. The results are achieved through being mindful of what you eat. When you start practicing Yoga, your lifestyle choices are changed too. You decide to eliminate foods that make you lethargic and steer clear of fatty foods too. Your decision to remove junk food from your diet is a wise choice.

2) Combats stress

It is common for individuals to eat more when they are stressed. As human beings, we tend to push-down our negative feelings that remain pent up for a long time. We turn to food and other substances to hide our true feelings. Yoga poses are a great way to release any feelings that cause us psychological harm. Through centering and breathing exercises, yoga encourages the transformation of stress. Eagle pose, Standing forward fold pose, Child’s pose and Thunderbolt pose are excellent to help release stress.

3) Vital organs are detoxified

Deep breathing and stretching helps to detoxify your organs. This is mainly true for your kidneys and liver. High functioning liver and kidneys provides energy and stores glucose needed for your muscles. Cobra pose, Bow pose, Wheel pose and Spinal twist are four of the various poses that aid the detoxification process. Self- massage is an integral part of yoga and this too assists with detoxifying your organs.

4) Thyroid Gland activation

When we have a high functioning thyroid gland, the result is a high metabolism. There are various poses such as Shoulder Stand and Fish pose that is best to activate the thyroid gland.

5) Colon cleansing

Blocked up colons causes bloating and eventually becomes poisonous in your blood. This in turn causes various diseases in your body. The Bellows pose, Fire pose and Peacock pose are some of the Yoga poses that assist with the cleansing of your gut. It is best to do these advanced poses under the supervision of an expert and on an empty stomach.

There are various yoga burn poses, techniques, breathing exercises and centering that must be included in your exercise regime. It is vital that all these must be done under the guidance of an expert. A beneficial yoga session lasts approximately 75 – 90 minutes, but will add so many extra years to your life.