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“Doraemon,Naruto,Shincan&Shinichi Kudo ”

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Are you a Doraemon lover? Who does not know Doraemon in this world? Well I am 100% sure most people in this universe know the existence of Doraemon. As we know that there are so many cartoons that we can watch on TV every single day especially on a weekend, but there must be one or two that become your favorite. If your choice is Doraemon then you are in a right place! You are allowed to crying and screaming as loud as you can, we know Doraemon is cute! It is basic information that everyone seems to know that Doraemon is a Japanese manga series, but only a few know that it was written as well as illustrated by Fujiko Fujio, a manga writing team. Well, let me ask you a question that I already knew the answer, what is the thing that you want really bad from Doraemon? It is obviously Doraemon’s magic pocket, right? Basically, Doraemon is loved by so many people because of the stories and also the other characters like Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. Well, there are already so many Doraemon cute stuff that you can buy at the stores, it is one of the ways that you can do to show people that you are Doraemon lover.


Naruto, who does not know him? I am pretty sure half of populations in this world know about Naruto, including you. It is one of a Japanese manga series that is so popular because of its stories. You are probably the ones that cannot miss even one of episodes of it, are not you? Anyway, this manga that was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto has a special place in people’s hearts since we can see some dumb moments of Naruto to the serious and sad moments as well, that is the reason why some even are willing to spend their money on the comics. In addition, it is a manga series that makes so many people so excited with each episode that tells us about Naruto’s journey as a ninja who has to fight a lot of enemies in order to be the seventh Hokage. Of course, there are so many adventures that he has to face. If you have not watch it yet, it is a must for you to give it a try!


Shincan is so entertaining to watch Do you like to watch Shincan? It is one of the famous characters that are loved by so many people. Everyone knows that watching a manga series is one of the effective ways to refresh your mind and Shincan comes as the best option that you have to watch. Anyway, Shincan is a Japanese manga series that is written and also illustrated by Yoshito Usui. Its stories are so fun and also interesting because you will get to enjoy the five-year-old kid’s stories along with his families in dealing with the problems with various comedies that will make you laughing nonstop. Besides that, you just cannot miss each episode because you need to know about some cute yet dumb things that he will do next. There are some of Shincan’s friends that add the funny stories in it. Shincan’s families would make you think that they are so weird but yes they are the ones that can make you so entertained for sure.

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo Have you ever seen Shinichi Kudo at Halloween party? I am sure there are so many people that come as Shinichi Kudo and wear the costume that is exactly the same like Shinichi Kudo. For your information, he is a high school detective that if forced to drink the poison called APTX4869 so that he turned into a child as a rare side effect. There are so many cases that are solved by him since he has a great skill as a detective. Even though his body is shrinking to back to the first grade age, he takes up the alias as Conan Edogawa. Anyway, the story becomes interesting when the girl he loves, Ran Mouri, has a father that is also a detective. He secretly helps her father to become a famous detective. I am sure the cases that are offered would make you interested and there always some unexpected endings that you can get.